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Health should not be dependent on wealth

Show your support in helping us make RVA healthier for ALL residents, especially those most in need.

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Helping Richmond stay healthy since 1970

As Virginia's oldest free clinic, Health Brigade has provided patient centered primary medical care, mental health and wellness services, as well as health outreach and advocacy services to low income and uninsured neighbors in and around Richmond for the last 50 years. From the AIDS pandemic of the 80's to the health challenges of today, Health Brigade has sought out marginalized populations to support because we believe that everyone in our diverse society should receive quality health services.

Even as the ACA remains intact, there are nearly 100,000 people who remain uninsured in our service area due to financial restraints or other barriers. Proposed legislation over the next few years may result in even more folks that are unable to receive basic, preventative health care. Your gift allows them to get the care they need to thrive.